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澳门威尼斯国际 Hengyun power plant.the 10000 T/D the desalination boiler supply in addition to salt water project 2014-04-30
Nitto electrooptical company 3000T/D severe brackish water desalination system electronic water projec 2014-04-30
Malaysia's rich seafood company 1000T/D system of aquaculture water desalination projects 2014-04-30
Huaxing chemical 5000T/D wastewater reuse treatment system 2014-04-30
Shenzhen Energy Group Hongwan Gas Turbine Power Plant 3000T / D desalination system boiler feed water project 2014-04-30
Qilin electronics 3000 T/D wastewater treatment system 2014-04-30
Sinopec 2000T / D refinery process wastewater recycling recycling system 2014-04-28
SEG Samsung 200T / D zero discharge of waste water treatment project 2014-04-28
BYD 1500T / D wastewater reuse project 2014-04-28
Guangzhou Tim Lee lines MILL (US-owned) 2000T / D waste water recycling and reuse project 2014-04-28
SEG Hitachi 6000T / D waste water recycling and reuse project 2014-04-28
Waste Water Treatment 2014-04-30
Electronic Profession 2014-04-30
27828.com Beverage、Beer and Food Profession 2014-04-30
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