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Shenzhen Jiaquan Water Treatment Science&Technology Company, Ltd.,founded on Feb.,1993,is the first enterprise in the field of water treatment which obtained the Certificate of ISO 9001 in South China.It is a base example enterprise for the promotion of the national scientific achievements in Shenzhen approved by the Ministry of Science & Technology. Plate of ultrafiltration membrane and folding ultrafiltration membrane element and the MBR device by the national development and Reform Commission major projects included in the 2011 national;   Company and Tianjin University joint construction "Seawater Desalination Engineering Center" by the Shenzhen City Hall in 2013 、2014of major projects in Shenzhen. Over these years,we have completed nearly 500 large projects extended all over china and overseas.7645.com R & D building and industrial plant building7645.com construction area of 15000 square meters.

Company main business is the development and production of the ultrafiltration membrane and fold, roll, plate type ultrafiltration group. we researches on the technologies of industrial waste water and sea water treatment production of relevant equipments and chemicals as well as the fast detecting techniques and meters for all kinds of waste water protests. They have been undertaken by this section, such as the feasibility study and engineering design of the waste water treatment project of municipal waste water, power station, Iron Steel Plant. The technique of MBR,A2/O,oxygenating reactor, RO, UF, EDI has taken in the system, which has been successfully applied in urban sewage treatment and achieved good results for industries waste  water treatment. Seawater desalination achieved good results in industries or living RO, multilevel evaporation has been successfully applied in seawater desalination.

We boast a versatile package of technology for our production. More than 40 senior and middle-rank engineers are making their best offers in the fields of machinery, chemical industry chemical water, techniques, electrics,and automated instruments etc. We have also organized a team who are all experienced in installation and headed by doubles of technicians. In the meantime, we cooperate with Tianjin University, Fudan University, Development Center of Water Treatment Technology, Hangzhou, etc to develop new products.

About us

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