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1 My company's high temperature resistant ultrafiltration membrane under the high temperature of 100 ° working circumstance used successfully.1
2 My company's business with membrane, flux breakthrough progress has been made in technology.2
3 Company production of flat MBR device, in Shenzhen, a Japanese funded enterprises officially put into operation. The device is mainly used for grinding and frozen mixture and waste water treatment and wastewater recycling production line process with pure3
4 March 2015, our officially and Angel drinking water industry group signed a cooperation agreement, I Secretary for the production of folding tubular ultrafiltration composite filter is angel in ultrafiltration membrane element only qualified suppliers.4
5 Our desalination Engineering Center5
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1 Membrane separation technology1
2 EDI technology2
3 The ultrafiltration technology data3
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1 1
2 2
3 Hengyun power plant.the 10000 T/D the desalination boiler supply in addition to salt water project3
4 Nitto electrooptical company 3000T/D severe brackish water desalination system electronic water projec4
5 Malaysia's rich seafood company 1000T/D system of aquaculture water desalination projects5
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