You have acquired majority of your knowledge, skills, spiritual gift and wisdom intuitively… doing inner work…

In your mind you have achieved everything that was possible for you.

But your heart and soul are whispering that there is still room for so much more. …

Your Main Problems at the moment:

Mastering your existing spiritual gifts and exploring new spiritual talents in you… are actually two faces of the same problem: How to expand your consciousness?

3 Key Mindset Shifts for you…

so you gently expand your consciousness (that is – start seeing the same things from a different angle)


Key Mindset Shift #1 “There are no limits to this Reality. Only the ones you choose”

Technically speaking (advanced metaphysics) you are the only creator in and of your reality. Therefore, you as a creator, decide what is possible, available, achievable for you. You make decisions based on what you perceive as possible, available, achievable for you.

TruthBomb #1: What if… what if that what you knew about yourself at the moment was less than half of your Truth? What if… the most hidden Truth about yourself was the most powerful, transformational and… beautiful beyond measure?

TruthBomb #2: What if… what if this Reality was actually limitless? What if…this Reality was as flexible and adjustable as the settings in your smartphone? What if…?

Key Mindset Shift #2 “Your mind is just a part of your human wiring”

You, in your essence, in your core, are a multidimensional being, who is communicating simultaneously between different dimensions, and… one dimension of you is having a lifetime experience, here on Earth. In order to experience this specific reality you were “equipped” with different tools: your physical body, your senses, and your mind (which we typically divide into conscious and unconscious).

TruthBomb #1: What if… your higher self/your soul was far more than your conscious and unconscious mind? What if there was “a higher order of things”, that are beyond your mind? And what if your rational human mind didn’t have enough capacity to understand certain things?

TruthBomb #2: What if… there were things in the Multiverse that you could only understand and become conscious through your soul?

TruthBomb #3: What if… what if the need that you feel to look for confirmation, to find the proof, to validate… was actually a very specific feature of the culture you live in? And nothing more that that?

Key Mindset Shift #3  “There is an infinite number of ways to expand your (multidimensional) consciousness”

There is no one path that is the best (it would be quite boring, don’t you think?). Some people choose to expand their consciousness through sacred sounds, some work closely with spiritual beings, some choose to connect with the consciousness of crystals…

TruthBomb #1: What if… what if you were a multidimensional being who is communicating and existing in different dimension all the time, at the same time?

TruthBomb #2: What if… what if Time, the way you know and experience it, was actually a very “Earthy” thing? What if in some dimensions where you exist, Time was running faster or slower, or was not running at all?

TruthBomb #3: What if… what if you could easily connect with the wisdom, knowledge, information of your Ancestors, generations before you, your community etc. and see things through their eyes… just by using your free will and choosing to do so?


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