So many options to choose from…. Reiki, h’oponopono, the Law of Attraction, Sanskrit meditations, tantric sex, oracle card readings, pendulums, crystals…

To name just a few.

Oh, my… I remember that… headache and cocktail of confusion….

Your Main Problems at the moment:

3 Key Mindset Shifts for you…

so you feel instant relief and shake off that energy of confusion, mess and guilt:


Key Mindset Shift #1 “Many paths lead to the same outcome”

Above all… relax. I’ve been on my spiritual path for 22 years, I have met thousands of people and… I haven’t heard of same stories. So give yourself permission to create and follow your own path, on your own terms, in your own divine timing.

TruthBomb #1: What if… what if your spiritual path was so unique, perfect and important that there are thousands of people waiting to hear and heal through your personal spiritual story?

TruthBomb #2: What if… what if your spiritual path was designed by your Soul in such a magnificent and wise way that you cannot fully comprehend it with your mind at the moment?

Key Mindset Shift #2 “Your soul knows the best”

Yes, you have an intellectual mind which seeks for explanations, for rational confirmations, for proof… That’s basically how your mind had been designed. But apart from that, you have a Soul, which is divine and which has a direct access to the Source (God) and the Source’s Wisdom.

TruthBomb #1: So… what if… what if… instead of listening to your rational mind, you asked your Soul to tell you which option is the best for you? What if you fully trusted your intuition…?

Key Mindset Shift #3  “Whatever you sense – exists”

And that is Truth. Whatever you can sense – exists. The fact you can feel, know or see something is a direct confirmation that thing exists.
Your analytical mind starts to boil, huh? Well, you are not your mind. You are a multidimensional spiritual being, who is having this physical experience right now, on this specific planet. And on order to experience this reality you are equipped with a few tools: your physical body, senses, mind. It happens so that your mind is divided into conscious and unconscious….. So, are you still attached to the thought that the only reality is the one that your mind is telling you?

TruthBomb #1: What if… what if… everything I felt was real? What if everything I knew was correct?

My 5 Top Solutions for You:

apply at least one and I guarantee you will replace confusion & overwhelm with peace of mind and trust…


If you are still totally confused and don’t know which option could be the best for you….


My recommendation:

Start with simple Energy Self-Healing


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