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I am always open to learning and expanding my consciousness to be a part of a wonderful healing community that supports a better humanity and earth.

Joining Kathleen’s  program made me realize that I have the ability to connect with ancient wisdoms within my energetic field to enhance my energetic gifts that much more! Kathleen explained things in such a way that it was as if her program was designed just for me! I learned to work with other healers trying new techniques and energetic practices. I also worked on overcoming my confidence levels in my energetic capabilities.

I loved every part of Kathleen’s healing program! I loved learning to create the sacred container, and flame as well as loved learning the energetic “shower” technique I have many clients who return asking me for this quite often. The feed back has been wonderful! I have now learned to combined it with my other healing gifts to make for very powerful sessions for my clients.

The ultimate benefit/the biggest advantage of taking the Program was the energetic healing work techniques and theories as well as mindsets!

I am feeling much more confident and have a much more beautiful understanding of energy and theories of energetic works.
It has honestly freed up a lot of my time as some clients do not require long in depth healing sessions that can have a quick “shower” in the energetic contain and 15minutes later feel much better!  It has also shown me different approaches and has awakened my mind to further want to learn more!

Kathleen’s program has made me realize that I have so much to offer to other, and that great mentors like Kathleen are well worth investing in to have the support and knowledge to have these energetic conversations with to gain understanding.

This is a beautifully designed well thought out and planned course material. Kathleen’s delivery and presence makes for a very conducive learning space. She projects such a safe energy and lovingly takes the time to make sure you FULLY understand the material and techniques! Absolutely amazing! It has done wonders for me as well as many of my clients!

Kathleen has a beautiful calm maternal feel to it! She is a wonderful mentor who is highly educated in energy healing and energy theories and application of techniques as well as has a ton of background in creating courses and programs! She is an amazing mentor who comes highly recommended by me.

Steph McLelland

Certfied Reiki Master Practitioner, founder of EnergyWorkZ Crystal Emporium,

I had worked with other people before in the past (coaches mostly), and was completely frustrated with their lack of understanding of me in general. I was also tired of cookie cutter methods and doing business and working with clients. As soon as I had my first conversation with Kathleen I knew she was different. I was mildly confident in my skills, but still didn’t trust that what I was seeing, feeling, and hearing were correct.

Kathleen helped me in believe + trust that what I knew to be true was in fact true. She also taught me practical tips and protocol to feel + see energy in myself and others. Finally, she gave me the confidence to conduct myself, create offerings, and develop a business on my terms. I had convinced myself that trying to do things my way was not going to work and Kathleen helped me to see that as an illusion.

The biggest surprise/breakthrough was learning how to feel and cleanse chakras. I still find myself contemplating on the mindsets and in awe at what they continue to reveal to me. Kathleen’s program helped me to learn how to send energy in a way that is not draining for me. A few energy techniques I implemented immediately and had clients who experienced results immediately. One  concept has extended beyond business and has been beneficial for my family

The ultimate benefit/the biggest advantageof working with Kathleen for me was confirmation that I’m on the right track and that what I sense + feels not only matters but is real + true. Also, the confidence to do things MY way.

I’m feeling very confident about my energetic skills, talents, knowledge and the quality of your work now,
I am enjoying how quickly clients are getting results from my work.

I experienced Kathleen’s powerful spirit. She has these wonderful qualities of mystery + power, yet is gentle in her actionable deliveries. I knew this experience would help to bring out my spiritual gifts and Kathleen was the perfect mentor to bring them out of me. I found the experience of having Kathleen as my mentor as transformational + life changing. You are a breath of fresh air in this whole online world.

I would recommend Kathleen to people who need/want/are looking for deep transformation, uncover their spiritual gifts, gain confidence in their abilities

Toneka R. Etienne

Founder of The Kindred: A Sacred Spa for Your Soul,

Before working with Kathleen my biggest problem/obstacle was lack of believing in self and that what I perceived was real; and fear to an extent. I didn’t do any energy work (Reiki etc.) so I wasn’t sure I was ready for this. I knew I could perceive/feel energy though.

I learned how to clear energies quickly but I feel the reason why I felt I needed to was different – so I could resolve the ancestral issue that cropped up and Kathleen was an intermediary. The biggest surprise/breakthrough was how different the energies felt. The ultimate benefit/the biggest advantage of taking the Program was learning to work with specific issues and energies.

I would recommend Kathleen to people who need/want/are looking for Inspiration and learn something new. Her program become a catalyst or an accelerator for the ancestral healing. But then, I guess I must have agreed to do this in this life time 🙂

Private Client

Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Shaman

Kathleen is a woman who knows her stuff! When she starts her session she creates an atmosphere for you to feel calm and relax in. She can clearly explain what it is you are going through and advise you what you can do. Her huge experience made me completely trust her. And after our session is it so much more easy for me to tap into the feeling of who I really am. Plus my confidence has grown, for she told me the things I felt, but didn’t dare to fully trust yet. Kathleen is a true mentor for she guides you to the place you know you can be.

Esther Pesie

Happiness Coach, Be Happy Now

I felt an instant need to talk with this gentle, highly observational and respectful lady. We all at some time or other tend to focus on our lack of abilities and I am also guilty of this. Kathleen helped me to realise that my ability is an incredible gift which the universe needs to see and share and has increased my self-belief no end. I cannot speak highly enough of Kathleens wisdom and care in carrying us along effortlessly toward our goals.

Abbiegirl Withers

Dog Behaviourist, Portrait Artist